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            Power filter


            The power filter has small stray capacitance, high frequency impedance, small impedance deviation, large working current, and good electromagnetic compatibility. The magnetic core is made of MnZn ferrite material with high permeability, which has high impedance to noise. Core type: UU, EE, FT, T. Installation: horizontal, vertical, etc。


            It is widely used in TV, communication, air conditioning, computer and other EMI resistant circuits. For example, for communications, networks, computers; Industrial, scientific and medical equipment; Home electronic equipment such as television, stereo and air conditioner; Various electronic instruments, aerospace equipment, etc。

            Power filter series.pdf


            Typical circuit

            (1)Physical diagram

            The power filter is also known as "power EMI filter" or "EMI power filter". It is a kind of filter composed of capacitance, inductance and resistance. It is a kind of filter。

            Its function is to filter the frequency points of a specific frequency or other frequencies effectively to obtain the desired effective signal。


            Power filter picture

            (2)Schematic circuit diagram

            The typical structure of the power filter is shown in the figure below. It is a passive network structure, suitable for both ac and dc power supply, with bidirectional suppression performance。

            Such a simple passive filter plays the role of bidirectional noise suppression。


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