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            LED lighting transformer series


            Working frequency:20-200kHZ

            Power range:3-11W、11-20W、20-40W、70-250W

            High permeability, high efficiency, low leakage, small volume, high temperature performance

            Magnetic core: EE, EC, EI, EF, T, etc

            Magnetic core material: MnZn power ferrite material; High permeability ferrite material; Iron powder core material

            Installation: can be designed according to user requirements


            All kinds of AC-DC, DC-DC LED drive power supply

            Energy saving lamp products of the choke

            LED lighting transformers, for example.pdf


            Typical circuit

            5W LED drive typical circuit12W LED drive typical circuit

            With a special product research and development center, keep up with the pace of industry technology, to provide customers with efficient support services

            Invest more than 3% of the annual sales as r&d expenses to ensure the stable development of the company's industry and maintain long-term competitive advantages

            Accumulated more than 100 patents, technology continued to accumulate

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