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            Haining Qilianshan Electronics Co.,Ltd.  
            Is a high-tech enterprise integrating D&R, production, sale and service

            Professional manufacturing of all kinds Manganese-zinc ferrite core material And the product

            A professional ferrite and magnetic components manufacturer

            ● Focused in magnetic components design and manufacturing. 

            ● The chain from material to finished components. 

            ● Most advanced automatic producing line and strong producing capability. 

            ● Total solution supporting of the magnetic components.

            Company Profile
            • 2013~2015201620182019
            • 2001~2012
            Development history
            • 2013~2015201620182019
            • 2001~2012

            Continuous improvement - let's do better!


            Automatic producing line installed

            Pass ISO14001


            50000㎡new facility built

            Obtained a number of patents


            Become a provincial High-tech enterprise research and development center


            Sunon and Qilianshan merged

            Magnetics material transformation and upgrading ,set foot in the filed of small home appliances


            Developing the market in “new energy”



            Qilianshan brand founded

            30000 ㎡ new facility built


            Sunon brand founded

            Pass the ISO9001


            Honoured national High-tech enterprise

            Get the UL-CCLC


            Honoured Zhejiang province High-tech SMEs


            Total management by the ERP system


            Corporate culture

            • Company core management philosophy: continuous improvement<br/>Let's do better!

              Company core management philosophy: continuous improvement
              Let's do better!

              "Continuous improvement" is more than just verbal. "continuous improvement" requires every employee of the company to have a sense of collective honor, sense of belonging and sense of responsibility, and to be proud of being a member of the team. Every bit of progress of the company will affect your heart. With the attitude of the master, constantly find the work and management of the shortcomings, and then play their own talent, remove obstacles, so that their work and constantly improve!
            • Core management means of the company<br/>Fine management!

              Core management means of the company
              Fine management!

              Management does not depend on individual heroism. A company is a tight organizational structure that requires a team to manage by process, and fine management is the essence of management。Responsibility to the people, in accordance with the system and process of serious implementation, according to the plan, with the data assessment, clear self-positioning, brainpower, work together!
            • Company core value concept: service!<br/>

              Company core value concept: service!
              "Customer as god" is the constant purpose!

              Every employee should take the sense of service as their basic quality to cultivate learning to consider problems from the perspective of others, communicate with others sincerely, and firmly root the sense of service in their heart. The service consciousness between departments, take the initiative to cultivate the service consciousness of other departments, sincerely assist, and work together to achieve the goal of the enterprise。

            Organizational structure

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