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Big changes have happened over the past couple of years. If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram you may have noticed. We are still in the process of re-evaluating our livestock and our goals. We always welcome inquiries and if you would like to meet with us in person and visit the farm, please reach out to us.

The farm

Photos from the Boise Creek Boers Instagram feed

Upcoming Farmers Market

Please join us at the Tractor Supply Co. at 911 Griffin Ave. in Enumclaw on Saturday, July 23, 2016 from 10am to 4pm.

Find out about our goat, lamb, turkey and egg availability. We will be taking deposits to reserve whole and half carcasses and fresh holiday turkeys. Ask us about our farming philosophy and practices. Place a deposit for the fall harvest and find out how to fill out your cut and wrap sheet. Also find out how to get our farm fresh eggs (we will not have eggs at the market at this time).

We will also have sample of our canvases feature photos from our Instagram feed. You can order a canvas for pick up at a later date.

Also find out about efforts being made to start an Enumclaw plateau area farmers market and how you can be involved in making it happen in 2017!

For the most up-to-date information, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

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We are happy to offer various goats for pets or meat:
2 Boer 2013 does
2 Boer 2013 wethers
1 Boer cross 2014 doe
$150 each

Also sheep for meat:
3 Dorper ewes/mutton – $200 each
1 Dorper 2014 ram lambs – $200 each
1 Dorper 2015 ram lamb – $150

We are scheduling for meat processing in September/October with Farmstead Meatsmith. We MAY be able to schedule a private hands-on class. If you are interested, please e-mail us.

$75 deposit now reserves your choice of goat, mutton or lamb
$75 balance due before butcher date
$70 for kill fee and $65 for cut and wrap per your detailed instructions unless over $65 pounds payable to Farmstead Meatsmith with separate contract. You will need to make arrangements for pickup of your meat at a later date.