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Summer is the time for grilling and BBQing!

Change up your regular meat selection by trying some goat meat on your BBQ or grill, or even in your smoker! We recently had ground goat burgers and they were DELICIOUS!

If you would like to get some ground goat for burgers, please contact us because we are currently out of ground goat. But we do have a good selection of ribs, chops, and steaks. Find us at the Virginia Mason Farmers Market on Fridays from 11am to 3pm at the Lindeman Pavilion Patio on Seneca street between 9th and Terry Avenues this summer. Or arrange for a farm visit here in Enumlcaw!

This is a Story About Poop!

Here’s the presentation on our Manure Management Plan that I gave on December 11, 2012 for the Cultivating Success Small Farming and Ranching Class.

View the slides here:

Final Presentation (Apple Keynote format)

Final Presentation (QuickTime format)

Final Presentation (Adobe Acrobat format)

Final Presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint format)