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We are happy to offer various goats for pets or meat:
2 Boer 2013 does
2 Boer 2013 wethers
1 Boer cross 2014 doe
$150 each

Also sheep for meat:
3 Dorper ewes/mutton – $200 each
1 Dorper 2014 ram lambs – $200 each
1 Dorper 2015 ram lamb – $150

We are scheduling for meat processing in September/October with Farmstead Meatsmith. We MAY be able to schedule a private hands-on class. If you are interested, please e-mail us.

$75 deposit now reserves your choice of goat, mutton or lamb
$75 balance due before butcher date
$70 for kill fee and $65 for cut and wrap per your detailed instructions unless over $65 pounds payable to Farmstead Meatsmith with separate contract. You will need to make arrangements for pickup of your meat at a later date.

Farmstead Meatsmith Hands-On Classes

Summer Harvest Class?

If we offered an opportunity to learn about on-farm slaughter and butchery this summer, would you be interested? We are considering sponsoring a class with Brandon of Farmstead Meatsmith for processing goats and sheep. And we will offer whole and half carcasses available for pre-purchase. Let us know if you are interested.